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Northeast Visalia is a charming area of the city where residents feel right at home. What was once productive farms and ranches has given way to suburban neighborhoods, schools and parks. Northeast Visalia has some of the city’s oldest areas, so there are many historic homes, buildings and sites worth looking at. Residents of Northeast Visalia have the pleasure of meeting each day knowing that their neighborhood is one of the best around.

The homes for sale in Northeast Visalia are diverse enough to interest even the most particular home buyers. Ranging from urban condos and townhomes to more spacious single family homes on tranquil streets, the types of properties available with Northeast Visalia real estate is in high demand. Home buyers will be doing themselves a favor by narrowing their search to include Northeast Visalia real estate.

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Northeast Visalia is the part of the city that includes the downtown area north of Route 198 and contains much of the city’s financial and business districts. It’s also the hub of economic activity and the home of the area’s arts and culture centers. Residents that live in Northeast Visalia are definitely getting a front row seat to all the action throughout the city and Tulane County as well.

Historically, Northeast Visalia was one of the first areas settled along the Kaweah River and it quickly grew as a stage coach stop. Major roads that link up Northeast Visalia to the rest of the city include Route 198, Houston Avenue, Dinuba Boulevard and St. Johns Parkway, among others. Northeast Visalia is also the location of the city’s transit hub, making public transportation easy and convenient for residents. It doesn’t take long to see that Northeast Visalia is one of the best places in the city to call home.

Northeast Visalia is many important landmarks that make it stand out from other parts of the city. Parks in the area include Oval Park, Riverway Sports Park, Ruiz Park, and Millcreek Park. Landmarks include Visalia Cemetery and Visalia Country Club. The downtown area is full of urban landmarks like the Kawah Delta Health Care District, Bank of America Financial Center, Visalia Convention Center and city and county government buildings. Residents of Northeast Visalia are definitely close to all the major sights and locations that keeps the region interesting.

Of course, residents of Northeast Visalia have plenty of options when it comes to recreation and entertainment. Notable attractions and venues in the neighborhood include Garden Plaza, Visalia Playhouse Theatre, Main Street, Ice House Theater, and ImagineU Interactive Children’s Museum. Visalia itself is close to Lake Kaweah and the Slick Rock Recreation Area for top outdoor recreation activities. Residents never need to wonder about the things that are happening in their neighborhood.

Northeast Visalia real estate is looking very good to home buyers because they want a place where they are just minutes away from all the important things taking place in the city. Whether they work downtown or just want to be close to all the energy of the urban area, the homes for sale in Northeast Visalia are going to impress. Home buyers should not pass up the chance to own Northeast Visalia real estate.